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This is an advanced converter where you can convert between hex, binary, decimal, octal and ascii without even changing form or page. You can specify your own delimiters like colon or dashes for parsing more complex structures. You'll also have a history functionality so you can go back in case you made a mistake or want to compare the original and the new result. Read on for more information.

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My WC3 history - The legacy of GamlaSonn

Posted on 05. Nov 2010, 18:25

In my younger days I was very active in the Norwegian Warcraft 3 community. I arranged weekly tournaments, well known as GamlaTOURs, and I played at a decent level (for Norwegian standards..) under the alias of GamlaSonn. Here I've collected some memorical texts from those ol' days which I'm sure will take some of you back in time, if only for just a short period of time. They sure did for me.

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