Privacy Policy


This website uses Google Analytics to collect statistics on the usage of the website. Only non-identifyable information is gathered with the exception of your IP address. Please read the section below regarding Google Analytics for information on what this means to you.

I'm also hosting a WordPress blog at WordPress often consists of several individual plugins and therefore it might be problematic to provide a complete list of what information is collected, where they're sent and what the collectors use the information for. I can assure you that personal-identifying information is only collected on a need-to-know basis. Please read the section below about WordPress for a more detailed description.

No other means of tracking or gathering of information about you is done and no information is shared with third parties.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has made a very user-friendly overview of their privacy policy which I couldn't really explain any better myself so go ahead and read it if you're interested.

The main things to take away privacy wise is that Google Analytics sets a cookie in your browser in order to persistently remember you over several visits. Your IP address is used by Google to gather your geolocation data (country, city etc.) which is used in the statistical analysis. It's worth mentioning that the IP addresses (possible personal-identifying information) are not disclosed to Google Analytics customers (like me), but I figure they still collect them on their own end.

If you prefer to not be tracked by Google Analytics, which I can totally understand, Google has generously created a Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on which is compatible with all (/most?) major browsers.


One of the blog's features is that guests and logged-in users can comment on posts. All the data supplied when submitting a comment is stored including possible personal-identifying information such as your IP address, name and e-mail address.

The purpose of storing IP addresses is to combat spam and malicious behaviour. Your name and e-mail address is also a measure to combat spam by verifying you are a real person and not a bot. The data you supply are in no way shared with third-parties. Your e-mail is never shown anywhere on this website, except to the administrator of this website (me) when monitoring the comments in the admin panel.

Should you not wish that this information is stored with your comment feel free to contact me about deleting your comment permamently.